Going Solar in North Carolina with Zero Dollars Down

Going Solar in North Carolina ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Yes! Solar Solutions has partnered with Dividend Solar to offer the $0-down EmpowerLoan™ in North Carolina for the first time. The full-service solar loan includes energy production guarantees, warranty management, hassle-free maintenance and performance monitoring at no additional cost – all with the significant financial upside of solar ownership.  

“We are excited to introduce a $0-down loan financing product to the North Carolinamarket,” says Stew Miller, [President] of Yes! Solar Solutions.

The EmpowerLoan is the first product on the market that allows qualified homeowners to Go Solar with no money down and save money on their utility bills – most often from day 1.

Yes! Solar Solutions is the leading solar installation company in North Carolina.  As the first NABCEP Accredited Company on the East Coast, Yes! is a proven, quality-driven source for professional solar installations. The Company has installed hundreds of residential systems throughout North Carolina.  With a wide selection of Tier 1 components in its fleet, Yes! Solar Solutions stands behind the quality of every installation.

“Through our partnership with Yes! Solar Solutions, we are excited to offer an improved financing option, which will help customers save money, reclaim their energy independence and help the environment,” says Eric White, President of Dividend Solar.

We selected Yes! because they share our core values: quality-driven and an obsession with customer satisfaction. Together, we can provide North Carolina Homeowners the absolute best value by going solar.

Yes! Solar Solutions and Dividend Solar provide maintenance and production guarantees on all systems. In addition, every installed system includes performance monitoring, which enables homeowners to track their daily energy savings at no additional cost, while allowing Dividend Solar to identify any potential system production issues in real-time. With a quick and simple application process that requires no paperwork, the EmpowerLoan reduces the friction of going solar while also providing a full suite of ongoing benefits.

The solar industry in North Carolina has grown rapidly in recent years and currently has the fourth highest installed solar capacity behind only California, Arizona and New Jersey. With low-cost financing now available through the EmpowerLoan, Yes! Solar Solutions is accelerating the adoption of residential solar across North Carolina and offering customers a new, better way to go solar.

About Yes! Solar Solutions
Based in Cary, NC, Yes! Solar Solutions is proud to offer home and commercial solar energy services from Central and Eastern North Carolina to areas in Virginia andSouth Carolina. The Company serves Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham,Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Winston Salem and beyond. For more information, visit http://www.yessolarsolutionsnc.com/.

About Dividend Solar
Headquartered in San Francisco, Dividend Solar is a non-bank lender that offers low-cost, full-service solar loans to homeowners across the U.S.  For more information, visit www.dividendsolar.com.

ST Staff Writers About ST Staff Writers
This post was prepared by Solar Thermal Magazine staff.


  • James McIntosh says:

    Is this possible for condos? If so, how do you get around the HOA when they maintain the roofs?

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