SunEdison Offers New Solar Energy Saver Plan To UK Homeowners

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, Inc., the world’s largest renewable energy development company, today announced the launch of the new SunEdison Energy Saver Plan, a way for UK homeowners to potentially save up to 15 percent on their electricity bill with zero upfront cost. SunEdison is the first company in the UK to offer this type of solar product to the residential market, and is unveiling the new solution at EcoBuild, the UK’s leading sustainable design, construction and energy event for domestic buildings, taking place in London from March 3rd to 5th.

Customers that sign up for the new Energy Saver Plan can save up to 15 percent on their energy bill in the first year, and these savings will be realised immediately. Homeowners will need to provide SunEdison access to their roof and SunEdison will take care of the rest, including the installation, maintenance and insurance of the system. SunEdison stands behind each system with a performance guarantee for the duration of the contract – giving customers peace of mind.

Signing up for the SunEdison Energy Saver Plan offers consumers affordable and predictable solar electricity rates for 20 years with a fixed annual increase of 3.5%, which is below the average 8% annual increase of UK Electricity prices over the last 10 years1.

Homeowners can accelerate their potential savings by shifting their energy use to coincide with peak solar hours, which can be accomplished by using high energy appliances like washing machines and tumble driers during the daytime.

Benefits to consumers:

  • £0 upfront payment and £0 upfront installation cost
  • Up to 15 percent savings on existing electricity bills
  • Benefit from UK Government incentives (Feed-in-Tariff)
  • Reassurance of a 20 year performance guarantee
  • Hedge against rising energy prices 
  • Power their home with clean, solar energy
  • Improve the EPC rating of their home, which may increase its value

Mark Babcock, Vice President of SunEdison Residential and Small Commercial Europe, said of the launch of the residential solution:The new SunEdison Energy Saver Plan represents a step-change that revolutionizes access to solar for UK homeowners. To simplify the process of going solar, we’ve removed the biggest barrier – the upfront purchase cost. This means that from day one, customers can save money. We anticipate high demand for this no cost way to save money immediately. We believe everyone should have access to solar energy and we are paving the way for this to happen.

SunEdison will commercialize and install its new solution through a network of professional partners that have been certified after taking a comprehensive training course that provides the highest quality standards.

To learn more about the SunEdison Energy Saver Plan, please visit

Zero Upfront Cost Solar for Commercial Rooftops

SunEdison also offers a new zero upfront cost solar solution to small, medium and large enterprises. Commercial customers can sign up for a 20 year power purchase agreement (PPA) with SunEdison and lock in potential electricity savings today.

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