Plan A Home Solar Energy System in Minutes

Plan A Home Solar Energy System in Minutes
Plan A Home Solar Energy System in Minutes

Million of Consumers Would Love To Plan A Home Solar Energy System Easily.

For home owners the world over who are thinking that someday they would like to put enough solar energy panels on the roof or ground near their home to able to finally have a zero dollar energy bill every month, here are some of the best tools out there. Using these design tools you can understand the size requirements for to solar power your home, either a little or a lot? 

Leading solar equipment distributor RENVU announced the launch of their cutting edge solar design tool, which allows customers to plan their own solar energy system in just moments.  Once customers make their selections, the RENVU Solar Kit Guide will create an easy to understand full bill of materials for their project.  Customers now have the ability to quickly compare different solar brands, products, solutions and prices for the first time.

The company behind this solar energy kit is RENVU.

Homeowners frequently encounter a good deal of confusion regarding solar and what equipment they need to buy.  RENVU’s Solar Kit Guide is a first of its kind tool that is offered by no other distributor.  In effect, the company has automated, streamlined and simplified the buying process.

The RENVU Solar Kit Guide is intuitive and fast.  Consumers need only answer a few simple questions.  The design tool handles the rest, generating an easy to understand and implement full bill of materials.  It also calculates the required roof size for the solar array, allowing proper planning and design for the solar system.

Solar tools for homeowners to design their home solar power system

Solar tools for homeowners to design their home solar power system

Director of Business Development Merav Dolev stated,

We’ve effectively opened up a completely new way for consumers and professionals to make the switch to solar.  Never before has there been a way to quickly and easily have this much solar information at your fingertips.  Not to mention, we are able to pass our company’s savings on to our customers.  These discounts can be pretty significant.

For consumers and solar professionals, the RENVU Solar Kit Guide allows for full control over the main components of a solar system and also provides assistance in calculating quantities and choosing needed parts such as cables and connectors. The end result is a dramatic time savings and a reduction in costly purchasing and planning mistakes.  Those looking to reduce the cost and difficulty of finding the right solar equipment will find that RENVU presents an exciting new option that takes the guesswork out of buying solar equipment.

I hope this helps people achieve their dreams of energy independence.

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