Shinsei Bank Finances MegaSolar Power Plant for the Island of Hokkaido Japan

MegaSolar Power Plant
The commencement of plant operations is scheduled for March 2016

Power Plant ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Shinsei Bank, Limited has arranged project financing for a large-scale solar power plant (“megasolar”) with a total generation capacity of approximately 19 megawatts. The plant is to be built on Hokkaido which is Japan’s second largest island..

This project financing is a collaborative effort undertaken together with Showa Leasing Co, a consolidated subsidiary of Shinsei Bank. Approximately 6 billion yen of the construction costs will be arranged and financed by Shinsei Bank as a syndicated loan, followed by 0.8 billion yen of financing by Showa Leasing after the construction is completed.

This project follows the megasolar in Atsuma-cho, Hokkaido, the first Watami Group venture into the megasolar business which was started in October 2013 by Watami in collaboration with Community Solar System.

A Special Purpose Company (SPC) funded by Watami Farm & Energy Co., Ltd., Watami’s 100% owned subsidiary, and Community Solar System will construct a megasolar on an approximately 35 hectare site in Mukawa-cho.

The commencement of plant operations is scheduled for March 2016.


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