This All Electric Sports Car Prototype May be Too Good to Be True

Electric Sports Car Prototype
If this is true, Tesla and other electric car manufacturers had better get back to the drawing board

Sports Car Prototype ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The Quant E is an all electric research sports car than is not for sale. In a few years, the makers hope to use the new technology in a commercial vehicle. One of the most amazing things about this car is the reported performance and characteristics of the the nanoflow battery.

According to the manufacturer, the nanoflow batter boasts ( claims ) to have a specific power of 6,000 watts per kg which is 20 times more power per unit weight than lead acid and 4 times better than lithium ion technology.

If this is true, Tesla and other electric car manufacturers had better get back to the drawing board.

Specifications of the QUANT E-SPORTLIMOUSINE



nominal voltage: 600 V
nominal current: 50 A
tank capacity: 2 x 200 L


0 – 100 KM/H: 2.8 S
top speed: 380 + KM/H
range: projected 400 to 600 KM
energy consumption: 20 KWH/100 KM


The flow cell battery’s greatest advantage lies in its range: It can drive a vehicle 20-times further than a conventional lead-acid battery and 5-times further than the lithium-ion technology that powers most of today’s electric cars. Flow cell batteries are also durable. Furthermore, recharging them does not take hours and hours. All that is required to recharge them is to exchange spent electrolytes (which can be recharged outside the vehicle) for new, charged fluid.


kerb weight with full tanks: 2,300 KG
wheelbase: 3,198 MM


front: 245 x 30 R22″
rear: 285 x 30-22″
rolling resistance optimised
width: 2,019 MM
length: 5,257 MM
height: 1,357 MM


door system: two double wing-safety-doors
door openings: 865 MM x 2,068 MM
side window: 400 MM x 1,830 MM
body type: monocoque
seats: four, front and rear adjustable

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  • Bruce Miller says:

    I want a 3 moving part electric power train utility vehicle that can reach speeds of 100 Kph, but I don’t need neck breaking acceleration. I would like to be able to travel about 400 Km between charges, and I would like to have heated seats, and some means of clearing the windshield in Canadian winter conditions. refrigerated seats would be nice for the hot summer weather. I would like to carry up to 1/4 tonne of cargo. 4 wheel drive might be a big selling point for Canadian roads too. Good ground clearance rather than a low vehicle would be good too.

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