Leaf Solar Power Raises $75M in Financing

Leaf Solar Power

Leaf Solar Power, a provider of solar energy services, today announced that it had raised a total of million dollars in financing from Tamra-Tacoma Capital Partners to syndicate the funding of residential and commercial solar installations in the U.S.

Leaf Solar Power, through its financing partnership with LightStream, a division of SunTrust, gives residential, commercial and industrial property owners the ability to lock in a fixed monthly payment for a solar energy system with no down payment or upfront costs for the installation and permitting of the system.

Tamra-Tacoma Capital Partners’ capital infusion will also allow for Leaf Solar Power’s brick and mortar retail infrastructure expansion to advance energy efficiency measures, providing economic development to local communities.

Kevin Boyle, CEO of Leaf Solar Power, said: “The Leaf Solar Power team is extremely pleased to partner with Tamra-Tacoma Capital Partners as we expand our footprint across the U.S. Tamra-Tacoma Capital Partners and its sophisticated fundamental understanding of the renewable energy market is positioned to support Leaf Solar Power in its continuing development efforts.”

Leaf Solar Power currently operates in California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey and New York.

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