A SolarCity Solar Lease or a PPA for Financing Home Solar?

Solar Lease or a PPA – ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

When it comes to putting solar panels on your roof or on the ground by your home there are more financing options than just paying for the entire system up front. If your buy a new house for example, some builders are providing options to finance the entire solar energy system as part of your mortgage payment. If you are putting solar on a existing home or if your builder does not offer such a mortgage option there are still other ways to go.

The SolarCity Solar Lease Option

For example there is the SolarCity solar lease option or the power purchase agreement of PPA for short. So what is the difference between this financing options and what is right for you? This is a very common question and we found a video from SolarCity that does a pretty good job of explaining it for you. Thank you Elon Musk.

Hope this helps.

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