The Latest Electric Race Car from the Team at Penn State

The Latest Electric Race Car

The Latest Electric Race Car ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

In the USA, Penn State University has not had much in the way of good press in the last few years and here at Solar Thermal Magazine we think when it comes to electric car programs these students and faculty members deserve some recognition for their dedication to electric car racing and the development of new technologies.

According to their own website:

Penn Electric Racing aims to educate students and give them practical experience working on a large-scale engineering project.

The team started with designing and building solar powered cars and they were very successful at it. Over the last sixteen years, Penn Solar Racing has constructed seven successful solar cars to compete in the bi-annual Sunrayce (now called the North American Solar Challenge).

SolarCar penn state

In 2006, the team decided to broaden its scope to technologies beyond solar energy and all electric racing was born.

Just last week, the Penn State Electric Car Racing team unveiled their new electric racer at the 2015 Philly Auto Show. As a autocross enthusiast, I am excited about trying one of these out on a track with the gas engine cars.

Maybe if I am lucky I will get one for my birthday. I hope my wife reads this.


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