New Service Provides Expert Service to Solar PV Energy Providers

Solar PV Energy Providers
AEG PS has a global network of 20 customer support centers, with 150 support technicians in the field

Solar PV Energy Providers ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

AEG Power Solutions, recently announced  the release of their Solar PV Care Check service, providing responsive, expert support for solar power generation plants. This AEG service is available to solar energy providers regardless of whether the equipment was originally supplied by AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) or another vendor.

PV Care Check Specifics:

1- Solar plant operators can guarantee the availability of their equipment and ensure reliable operation. By using the services of AEG PS’ certified experts, operators can maximize their plant’s efficiency, and secure its long-term profitability.

2- On site, AEG PS’ service technicians carry out functional tests to identify any problems or issues, and a visual inspection from the module up to the grid connection. Quick repairs are done immediately, while more serious issues are documented in a report, which includes a list of recommended measures to guarantee the long-term optimal yield of the power plant.

Dr. Stefan Kempen, Produkt Manager Advanced Power Systems at AEG Power Solutions commented on the program:

AEG Power Solutions is known throughout the industry for our service teams’ short response times and effective troubleshooting. Problems exist in 80 percent of solar plants in operation, with a wide range of possible errors that can considerably reduce the yield of the plant, and in the most severe cases can lead to life-threatening voltages – PV Care Check helps solve these problems.

The inspection package can include:

  • Visual inspection
  • Performance test
  • Removal of organic and inorganic contaminants
  • Computerized digital error diagnosis and temperature analysis
  • Review of maintenance protocols.
  • Defective modules are checked for typical errors, including cell fractions, insulation faults, hotspots, delaminating, and discoloration.

AEG PS also tests the system using insulation measurement, and looks for mechanical imperfections, such as loose connections and corrosion that can lead to ground-faults and outages. Services provided as part of PV Care Check can include optical scanning, cleaning of the inverter, thermography for detection of hotspots to the network analysis and upper shaft assessment (THDI/THDU).

AEG PS has a global network of 20 customer support centers, with 150 support technicians in the field. AEG PS service teams are regularly trained in the latest techniques, and have the appropriate in-depth knowledge and specialist equipment to carry out detailed analysis.

The PV Care Check service is available now in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Additional countries are planned to be added.

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