Moving from Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy Wells of the Coast of Florida

Clean Energy Wells
ocean energy in florida

Clean Energy Wells ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

An ambitious new plan to create clean energy wells in the ocean around the coast of Florida sees ocean made electricity and hydrogen as the path forward to end our use of fossil fuels. By using the ocean currents, wave and tidal motion we can make electricity that when used in electrolysis of water makes hydrogen.

Using the natural pressure of the oceans depths we can keep the hydrogen stored safely until needed, then we can simply pump the hydrogen to the surface where tankers of the future will be loaded and shipped to their point of use. Hydrogen fuel cells or even hydrogen combustion processes will use the hydrogen to heat and power the world.

I dont know about you but its sounds a lot better than digging the last of the coal by removing mountain tops or drilling in the Arctic for the last drops of oil.

Enjoy the video.

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