New Partnership to Develop Traffic Powered Renewable Energy

Traffic Powered Renewable Energy
New Energy Innovations creates new clean energy source featured above, Traffic Powered Renewable Energy System (TPRES), powered by vehicles driving over cylinder shown.

The University of Illinois at Chicago Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department has announced they have entered into an agreement with New Energy Innovations, Inc., to enhance the new traffic powered sustainable source of clean energy at intersections, municipalities, airport entrances, toll booths, as well as entrance and exit ramps nationwide.

Ralph A. Black, creator and inventor of the patented Traffic Powered Renewable Energy System (TPRES™) Patent # 8,754,539 along with Chief Technical Officer, and co-inventor Asad Ali, have worked closely together on the design and effectiveness of this renewable energy system. The University of Illinois at Chicago Senior Mechanical Engineering and Design Team will be working on optimizing the best mechanical system.

“The UIC Senior Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Design Teams were the missing link we have been looking for to continue this project and help finalize the best amount of energy production with our unit.  This provides us with the blueprint for optimum use of products in our final assembly. It is our desire to get the best energy production possible.  We are confident that the UIC Senior Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Design Teams will fulfill that need,” says Black.

“The University of Illinois is committed to all methods of green advancement and once completed, we see this clean energy project to be an excellent source for sustainable renewable energy in the future,” says Dr. Michael A. Brown, Ph.D, PE of the University of Illinois.

“We remain interested and supportive of New Energy Innovations’ unique clean renewable energy technology.  The Village of Elmwood Park is committed to energy conservation and sustainable renewable energy.  Many initiatives are underway in our community and the Traffic Powered Renewable Energy System shows the potential to be a viable contribution to these initiatives,” says Angelo “Skip” Saviano, President of the Village in Elmwood Park, IL.


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  • Brett says:

    This is not renewable energy; it’s energy recovery. The vehicles will already be moving by virtue of some other energy source, most likely petroleum-based fuel.

  • Dr Narsimha Kandadi says:

    This innovation is path breaking and it is indeed most useful to heavily populated countries like India, China etc. the question is how much power can be generarated in an hour if thousand vehicles travel on it ?

  • Einstein says:

    It is a lot of equipment and expense for little if anything in return. A mechanical example of a government tax.

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