Andalay Solar Awarded New Patent on its Built-In Electrical Connectors Technology

Andalay Solar
Andalay Solar's plug and play technology. Image courtesy of Andalay Solar

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) today issued Andalay Solar, Inc. its seventh U.S. patent, which further strengthens the company’s unique InstantConnect® wiring technology.  U.S. Patent No. 8,938,919 covers the built-in electrical connectors that mate into the Andalay frame technology.  Andalay Solar is the first and only company in the industry to enjoy the advantage of having electrical connections that are integrated in the frame.  As the modules are assembled, the electrical connections automatically and instantly connect, thereby reducing the amount of rooftop manual labor normally needed to complete wiring for solar systems.

This latest patent for Andalay’s award-winning plug and play solar solution complements the patents that have already been granted for its integrated mounting system for solar panels. Andalay Solar, Inc.’s game-changing patented technology is a low-profile, rail-less system that is aesthetically pleasing. The company’s splice technology not only connects the modules together, but also automatically wires and grounds the system, which saves costs and eliminates the need for extra parts such as panel to panel copper wire and grounding lugs.

“Our patent portfolio is even stronger now with this patent which focuses on the easy and instant connection of solar panel wiring. The built-in wire management saves time for installers as well as reduces future operation and maintenance costs,” said Steven Chan, President and CEO of Andalay Solar. “Since the wires in our system are built-in, we have seen far fewer maintenance issues due to wire management issues as compared to conventional systems given that there are no dangling wires, less manual wire connections, no wires touching the roof surface and no exposed wires. We have done multiple product demos with installers who have commented that the Andalay system has by far the best thought out integrated wire management system as compared to other solar mounting systems, including other rail-less systems.”

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