Price of Gasoline Falls Just as Electric Cars Start to Get Interesting

Price of Gasoline ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Not too long ago Tesla was pretty much out there by themselves with a vision of a commercial electric car which they started with the Tesla Roadster. Soon to follow Tesla designed and released the Model S and we saw electric cars from companies like Fisker,Mitsubishi,Nissan and the GM Chevy Volts which was and is an inline electric hybrid.

All these cars (and there are more that we listed) were developed in an environment of increasing gas prices and expectations of increasing gas prices. In the last several months we have seen the economic conditions have caused a reversal in this trend and the price of gas has continued to fall. The question is for how long?


General Motors it seems is betting the days of $2 gas won’t last long. At this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet unveiled the eco-friendly Bolt which is an electric small car. The Bolt which readers should remember is a concept vehicle and is projected to cost about $30K (after rebates). The car will get 200 miles on a single charge which is twice as long as the Nissan Leaf.

So suddenly we have a wide selection of electric cars coming to market and the lowest price of gasoline in the U.S. in years. Also Tesla now has some serious competition. This should be interesting to see what happens with these conditions in the coming months and I beleive years. The Chevy Bolt is expected to be available for 2017.

Elon Musk was quoted recently as saying that the all new Tesla 3 will cost less than the Chevy Bolt.

The adventure continues.

Bloomberg recently did a Youtube video from the January Detroit Auto Show. Enjoy.


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  • Mark Renburke says:

    Despite the “low” price of gasoline, it’s still over twice as expensive to fuel versus charging an electric car, and less convenient than most who can charge overnight at home to full every morning or to get the daily range most need. For ocassional longer trips, plug in hybrid types like the Volt (which goes 50 miles all electric then an optional another 350 as a hybrid) fill the consumer need just fine. The other good news is, low gas prices will also help keep the sticker prices of this second generation of electric cars low, so that they will be even more affordable for the average consumer.

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