Chinese Solar PV Developer Buys Solar Projects in Italy

So is this a one of a kind purchase of foreign solar energy projects?

Solar Projects in Italy ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Solar PV companies in China have been receiving a lot of mostly bad press lately for dumping solar panel on American consumers. The term dumping in this context means selling at a price lower than is needed to make a profit with the purpose of eliminating competition. The U.S. has imposed some very still trade tariffs on many of these companies to level the playing field.

This latest new out of Solar Power Inc, and it’s Hong Kong subsidiary working with a Chineese state owned conglomerate have acquired 4.3 megawatts (“MW”) of photovoltaic projects in Italy.

Xiaofeng Peng, Chairman of SPI, stated,

We are delighted to announce this agreement with CECEP HK, which also marks the start of a significant strategic alliance with CECEP, a top Chinese state-owned energy conglomerate. Upon closing, this acquisition will bring significant European operating assets into SPI’s globally diversified PV portfolio. SPI will continue to pursue additional strategic partnerships to drive growth for the benefit of our shareholders and partners.

So is this a one of a kind purchase of foreign solar energy projects like this one in italy or is a larger move to take advantage of their lower solar panel prices by selling clean energy directly to the consumer?

Here is the link to the original press release

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