INMOTION Showcases V3: Ultra Stable Hands-Free Electric Vehicle at CES 2015

INMOTION Electric Unicycle
Image courtesy of INMOTION

will release its portable electric unicycle, the V3, worldwide in 2015. This dual-wheel self-balancing unicycle has received significant attention since Technologies Co., Ltd. unveiled it in early September at IFA.

INMOTION V3 uses the latest in self-balancing technology, and has an innovative design that provides an easy ride and a smooth driving experience. The dual-wheel design, power assistance technology, and smart mobile app integration all make for a fun, easy and interactive experience.

The dual-wheel design makes the INMOTION V3 stable and gives the rider complete control. More intelligently, the system automatically provides power assistance when the rider gets off. The dual-wheel design also makes INMOTION V3 easier to get on or off. It frees up drivers’ hands in all cases.

The INMOTION V3’s embedded draw up handle – hidden in the body – allows riders to walk with the V3 guiding its direction under power assistance from the electric motor. Waterproof touch panel, leather side cushions, and non-slip rubber footboards are designed for riders’ safety and comfort. The powerful mobile application allows riders to have better control and more interactivity. The INMOTION V3 is complete with built-in bluetooth speakers for music streaming.

Key features include:

  • Assist Mode – power assisted when not riding the vehicle
  • Easy transport – lightweight and compact
  • Automatic directional lights – lights change color according to rider’s direction
  • Slim, ergonomic body design
  • Soft, elastic and durable cushions
  • Built-in high quality stereo Bluetooth speakers
  • LED info panel
  • Smart phone application
  • Advanced battery management technology
  • 5 Body colors options: blue, red, yellow, green or silver


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