Geronimo Energy Launches Rosemount Community Solar Garden

Geronimo Energy Minnesota Community Solar
Image courtesy of Minnesota Solar Energy Association.

Geronimo Energy  announced the launch of its Rosemount Community Solar Garden development.  The 160 acre facility was unanimously approved by the Rosemount City Council onDecember 2nd and will be part of Xcel Energy’s Community Solar Garden program. 

“Renewable energy is an important part of Rosemount’s sustainability goals,” says Rosemount Mayor, Bill Droste. “Not only do these projects provide clean air and energy for the greater good, but they also bring positive economic impact to our local community, landowners and economy. I am proud to host the Rosemount Community Solar Garden from Geronimo Energy for these reasons.”

Under the Community Solar Garden program, Xcel customers can take advantage of solar power produced at the Rosemount facility by purchasing a subscription to a solar garden in exchange for a credit on their monthly Xcel bill.  The program was approved by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission in early 2014 and is designed to improve accesses to solar for business and homeowners. The Community Solar Garden program utilizes economies of scale to reduce overall construction costs which are then passed on to subscribers through long terms savings on their energy costs.

Construction of the Rosemount Community Garden is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2015, and the facility is scheduled to be operational by the fall of 2015. As a whole, the Rosemount solar facility will produce an estimated 36,693,657 kWh of clean solar energy each year, which will reduce approximately 25,305 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions on an annual basis. The solar facility will provide enough electricity for approximately 4,200 homes each year.

“We are excited to be working with a great community like the City of Rosemount,” says Blake Nixon, Geronimo Energy President. “Together, we are taking one step closer to providing cleaner air, water and energy for the state’s residents and businesses.”

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