The Future of Clean Energy Belongs to Those That Take Action

The Future of Clean Energy

The Future of Clean Energy ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

In the U.S. the concept of offshore wind energy is still hotly debated with local residents of proposed locations fighting the efforts for years in court. Germany however has more way past the concept stage with multiple installation of wind energy farms in the North Sea.

In the next twenty years the number of offshore wind farms in the North Sea is expected to produce as much energy as 60 nuclear fission facilities. With this much commitment to a variable energy source what will happen when the slows or stops during seasonal periods?


The answer is something called pumped storage. Excess energy produced will be used to pump water from a low elevation lake up to the top of a mountain to another man made lake where it will remain until the stored energy is required. On demand the water will be released to flow back down the mountain to the lower lake , first turning generators to make electricity.

While the U.S. ties up a very viable clean energy source and economic engine in court other countries are taking actions that will power their cities for centuries to come. Enjoy the video.

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