The Freedom of Solar Energy and Home Based Energy Storage

Solar Energy and Home Based Energy Storage ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Our energy production and distribution grids are very much geared to a more centralized system where the energy is generated in large facilities and the consumer pays for it as it is used. The utilities must balance the amount of energy they believe will be needed at any given moment with what is actually needed. Generate too much and it goes to waste, generate too little and you have power blackouts.

Solar energy opens the door for a different model of energy generation. One in which power is generated at the point where it is consumed by rooftop of ground array solar panels. If the utilities allow it extra power generated can be sold back to the grid. This varies by country and state and is constantly under renegotiation of prices.


A better way to use extra energy generated by home based solar would be to store it for use when the sun is not shining. This would effectively mean that many homes would not need a grid connection at all. Many companies are working on technology to make this happen. Here is a video of one of those companies.

Enjoy the video. I cant wait to go off grid.

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