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Solarize South Carolina Launches

Solarize South Carolina, an innovative program designed to help South Carolinians go solar and save on electricity costs, launched today. With discounted installations provided by high-quality local solar installers, there has never been a better way to go solar. The first Solarize program in South Carolina is now available to residents of Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, North Charleston and James Island, and will be introduced across the state in the coming weeks.

Solarize South Carolina ( is a community initiative designed to assist South Carolinians with the adoption of solar power. Solarize South Carolina is a partnership between SmartPower – a national non-profit, Dividend Solar – a leading national lending partner that offers $0-down loans to customers “going solar” across America, and the two leading solar installers in South Carolina: Mount Pleasant-based Alder Energy Systems and Sunstore Solar Energy Solutions of Greenville.

Solarize is an award winning and proven “group buy” residential solar program that is accelerating the growth of solar in many cities across the U.S. In a Solarize campaign, the more households that participate, the lower the costs go for solar.

“Communities across the nation are Solarizing at a record pace,” said SmartPower’s Lauren Ellison Fox, Community Outreach Manager forSolarize Charleston. “As a lifelong local resident, it’s incredibly exciting that the Lowcountry is now the first area in South Carolina to bring this award-winning program here. If you’ve ever thought about going solar, now’s the time!”

South Carolina is beginning to build momentum behind renewable energy, which will help offset utility costs, create jobs and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. SCE&G is at the forefront of this change, and is a supporter of Solarize South Carolina as a way to provide additional benefits for its customers.

“The work that is being done by Solarize South Carolina will give SCE&G customers another clean energy option and help to advance solar across the state as intended by the Distributed Energy Resource Program Act that was signed into law last year,” said Danny Kassis, SCE&G VP Customer Relations and Renewables. “SCE&G is already leading the country in reducing coal-fired generation in favor of clean energy. Our support and investment in solar is also an important part of this effort to create a balanced energy portfolio that will serve our customers for the future. We are excited to see this innovative and award-winning program come to South Carolina.”

Solarize South Carolina will feature Dividend Solar’s full-service EmpowerLoan™, allowing homeowners to easily go solar for $0-down with no out-of-pocket expense.

“Dividend Solar is delighted to be participating in the Solarize South Carolina program, and we look forward to making the decision to go solar easier than ever with the EmpowerLoan,” said Eric White, President of Dividend Solar.

In partnership with Dividend Solar, leading manufacturers SolarWorld, the largest U.S. solar producer for 40 years, and Enphase Energy, the world’s leading microinverter systems provider, have developed premier equipment options to be offered through the local installers as part of theSolarize program.

Residents can sign up online and receive a free solar assessment, including an estimate of savings and a system design customized specifically for their home. To learn more about how you can be part of Solarize South Carolina, visit

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