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Two New Ground Mounted Solar PV Projects in Georgia

Two New Ground Mounted Solar PV Projects in Georgia Two new ground mounted solar pv systems for Georgia

Solar PV Projects in Georgia ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Unirac Inc. announced today that PowerSecure Solar, a division of PowerSecure International Inc., has awarded the company a contract to supply two ground mount projects in Georgia totaling approximately 80MW dc.

Benjamin Schneider, President of PowerSecure Solar had this to say:

We are relying on Unirac’s expertise in the engineering, design and deployment of ground mount racking solutions, coupled with their leadership in quality and project management to support our team as we serve our customer on these utility-scale solar projects.

The GROUND FIXED TILT (GFT), releasing in April 2015, has evolved from more than 12 years of experience with more than 1 GW of ground mount systems installed worldwide. A synergy of steel components and aluminum parts deliver installation performance with the lowest system cost. Installation savings are captured through efficiently engineered components, pre-assembled parts and integrated bonding for optimized construction sequencing.

“We are honored to have been selected by PowerSecure to collaborate on integrated services and solutions to safely design, engineer and deliver large scale ground mount systems,” said Peter Lorenz, Unirac CEO.

We have full confidence our newly designed GROUND FIXED TILT (GFT) will exceed their expectations.

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