Interview with the Team from Brazil for the Solar Decathlon 2012

The housing deficit in Brazil is huge and construction methods rely on unskilled labor

Solar Decathlon 2012 Brazil ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Sometimes we high the clean energy efforts of particular teams or even countries. The Solar Decathlon is an international competition where university teams from around the world compete for the best design and finished build of a sustainable home.Today we will shine some light on the efforts of the 2o12 team from Brasil.

This is an interview of the Team Brazil’s Eko House (of Universidade Federal De Santa Catarina & Universidade De Sao Paulo) during Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 in Madrid, Spain (at Casa de Campo). The interview was conducted by Susan Sun Nunamaker and filmed by Michael Nunamaker on September 28, 2012.

brasil solar decathlon 2012

Here is the relevant information provided by Solar Decathlon Europe 2012:


The housing deficit in Brazil is huge and construction methods rely on unskilled labor. Therefore, the innovations were designed to impact this housing deficit by changing the way housing is conceived and produced.Prefabrication methods reduce construction time and costs, while promoting labor skills by introducing new training processes.



The wood and OSB prefabricated panels with glass wool insulation can be assembled on site in a few days. Plumbing and wiring between panels and cladding are easily attached to the panels through a metal structure. Wood is a viable option that also contributes to enhance the awareness and management of Brazilian natural resources, offering exceptional comfort with low energy consumption, using glass wool and aerogel for insulation, double glass windows and doors, as well as framings with low heat transmission.

Water usage:

Rainwater is collected for specific uses and a dry composting toilet eliminates the need for flushing water. The sewage is treated through local wetland system of macrophytes plants that filters and eliminates the organic load of the water, reused according to local legislation. This system greatly reduces the need for potable water or centralized sewage treatment, a major innovation in housing infrastructure, particularly in areas of vulnerable environment in Brazil.


Home automation and information systems engage the dwellers in new forms related to living and natural cycles, based on online weather forecast. The Eko House information systems can tell you the best times to perform various home activities, according to future weather conditions.

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