An Inexpensive Solar Light Tube Design

Solar Light Tube Design ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

We have featured in some recent posts on this magazine commercial solar light tubes that funnel free sunlight through your roof to where you need it, in places or corners of the house where it is dark during the day. These commercial systems are improving in design and becoming cheaper for someone in the developed world with an average income.

In undeveloped countries or emerging economies there are many areas where either electricity is very expensive or not available at all. These people also have areas of their homes that are dark during the day but maybe no lights are possible. There are people who have volunteered their time and money to design a simple solar light tube made from a few common materials and tools that will provide bright free sunlight to the people that need it so badly.

It is our pleasure to present these efforts to our readers. Enjoy and contribute to them if you can.



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