Bringing a VW Bug Back to Life as an All Electric Car

– ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Remember the Volkswagen Bug? I mean the original one not the recent remake. The VW Bug was very easy to work on and featured a very small gasoline engine that if you could keep it running used less fuel that most of the gas guzzlers of the day.  I still see some of these cars on the roads today but after watching this video I am going to give each of them a closer look.

For less that $ 20,000 this electric car conversion specialist will completely restore and convert a VW Bug into an all electric Green machine. The video takes you through the entire process from start to finish providing important component information such as the all important electric motor.

Add a paint job that takes the original body down to the bare metal and you have practically a new electric car.

Enjoy the experience.


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  • Hi, I own a BMW 320i -95 because of the absurd price of fuel in Sweden is in place to sell it for almost nothing, wonder if it would be practical to convert it to electricity and building a custom lithium battery that Tesla EP-2 guys did.
    BMW 320i -95 Tjänstevikt 1390 kg Totalvikt 1740 kg Längd 4450 mm Bredd 1700 mm

  • Bill Bayer says:

    This video is being presented as new but is painfully outdated. Nobody who is serious about converting a vehicle into a practical, useable vehicle would use lead-acid batteries.
    Check out Richard van Wyhe’s website (ev4unow) to see the current state of conversions.

  • Macedonio Segura says:

    I have a 2005 Chrysler, will this motor works on my car? And if it does. Where casi buy one?

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