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Hydrogen Powered Home ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

There are many different ways to power a home and vehicle using only clean energy. Hydrogen for example can be used directly in a combustion engine or as fuel for a fuel cell powered electric vehicle. The same applies to a home if you think about it. Hydrogen can be used as a combustion fuel instead of propane, oil or natural gas or the hydrogen could be used in a fuel cell to make electricity to power the heating and cooling system.

In this video made a few years ago,

Michael StrizkiĀ shows off his solar hydrogen powered home and car. No home power bills or gas bills every month.



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  • it can blow up if a leak occurs

  • Sage says:

    I lived at Mike’s place for 2 weeks, and only some of the vehicles are solar powered. It was disappointing to see many vehicles there just running on regular gas or diesel.

    His house is not a ‘hydrogen house’, it is a geothermal / PROPANE house. I personally watched the propane truck pull up and fill his tanks.

    Go to his ‘About’ webpage, http:/ / hydrogenhouseproject. org/about. html (remove the spaces) and it plainly says, “His house is completely off the grid, and the only byproducts of his system are chemically pure WATER and medical grade OXYGEN.”.

    This is simply not true. He is running his house on propane and a geothermal system installed in his front yard. Also, he is hooked into the grid, and just supplements electric power to his house with solar panels, which are set up in many places.

    He does store hydrogen gas in huge tanks at 250 psi. But for whatever reason, he chooses to continue to use propane over hydrogen to run his house!

    I, and a co-worker, one day followed the propane lines down into the basement, and we saw pure propane running the kitchen stove and the water heater/furnace systems. Not even a “propane/hydrogen mix”, as he even has claimed to me that he’s doing. The co-worker seeing the propane lines was equally amazed. Being employed for two years, and said that he had no idea it wasn’t being fueled by hydrogen gas.

    I just don’t see how Mike can keep calling his place a HYDROGEN HOUSE, and keep making the claims that he does of having just “water and oxygen as the byproduct”?

    Yes, it is an admirable thing to finally say that you’re “off the grid”, and to be “completely running on hydrogen”, and to be setting a good example of moving away from fossil fuels.

    That is, if it’s true.

    As far as what I’ve seen, the claims he’s making about having a so-called ‘hydrogen house’ are just plain deceptive.

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