The Race Continues for Dominance of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Market

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Market ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

Personally I think the jury is still out whether hydrogen fueled fuel cell vehicles will be viable in the future especially with the other options that are being developed for sustainable liquid fuels. This has not stopped some major automotive companies from sinking a lot of research time and money into the technology. Toyota is one of these.

In this video, Toyota Motor Corporation President/CEO Akio Toyoda reveals the name of the new fuel cell vehicle ( Mirai) and talks about the research and development that went into this innovative sedan.

The Toyota Mirai (Japanese for “future”) is a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, one of the first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles to be sold commercially.The Mirai was unveiled at the November 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.According to the company Toyota plans to build 700 vehicles for global sales during 2015.

According to Wikipedia, sales of the Mirai, began in Japan began on 15 December 2014 at a price of ¥6.7 million (~US$57,400).

Interesting enough the Japanese government plans to support the commercialization of fuel-cell vehicles with a subsidy of ¥2 million (~US$19,600). This may be the reason that Toyota has decided to pursue this technology as hard as it is. The good news is that since fuel cell vehicles are intrinsically electric the experience will not be wasted if hydrogen turns out to be the wrong direction.

Enjoy the video

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