New Apps for Electric Vehicle Owners Such as Remote Start and Public Car Charging Features

New Apps for Electric Vehicle Owners ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

As electric vehicles become more popular more and more features to make life easier for ev owners are being offered from companies such as Car Charging Group which now offers remote start functionality for its Blink EV charging stations via the Blink mobile application (“App”). This feature provides EV drivers with the ability to start an EV charging session directly from the App, which is available for iOS and Android devices.

Once a driver locates and selects the Blink EV charging station on the Blink App, they have multiple options for beginning the charging session, including signing into their Blink Member account or continuing as a Blink guest and entering their credit card information directly into the App. The updated version of the Blink App is currently available on Google Play for Android device and should be available on the App Store within the next few days.

Drivers can locate links for the Blink App and become a Blink Member at

“As the largest owner, operator, and provider of EV charging infrastructure, we continue to work to eliminate the barriers that have existed among EV Charging networks and improve the overall charging experience for EV drivers,” said Michael D. Farkas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CarCharging.

In addition to offering new functionality for the Blink Network and its EV charging stations, we plan to expand the functionality of the Blink App to include paying and initiating charging sessions for all public Blink, GE, and SemaConnect EV charging stations. In addition, we also plan to continue our efforts with other EV charging hardware and network providers to integrate their systems with the Blink Network.

Along with the Blink App, EV drivers will continue to have the ability to initiate charging sessions through the touch screen of the Blink EV charging stations or by contacting Blink Customer Support.

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