Are We Moving Towards Clean Energy Fast Enough?

Clean Energy ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – We consume a truly amazing amount of energy every single minute of the day. The global demand for energy is continuing to skyrocket as population increases and the middle class grows in developing countries.  Producing this amount of energy has significant environmental impacts and emitting so much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere could cause catastrophic climate change. We are just starting to see the impact of this as the glaciers melt and the oceans warm.

In this video, three academics from Cambridge University look at wind power, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and material efficiency as examples of how we can cut our C02 emissions.

They suggest that we must act now in order to avoid the serious risks of man-made global warming, one of our greatest challenges in the 21st century.


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  • Sage Peace Chariot says:

    Hell no! At the rate we’re going, it’ll NEVER happen. Why? Because making money and buying politicians is the name of the game. He who has the most $ wins! As long as corporations, blinded by greed, continue to have a HYPNOTIC centralized control of our so-called interests, and that making money takes priority over empowering people to have the right to choose and have available more than only one way of doing things. If you want solar power to work, well then, make room for a slow lane! Instead of a100 hp car to go to the grocery store, maybe only a 1 hp motor car will do! To be more self-sufficient via solar power, then major incentives need to be given. Not subsidize,make tax exempt, and financially bail out the very corporations that are creating the largest majority of the pollution!

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