Tesla Continues Supercharger Expansion in Switzerland

If you were wondering how you were going to charge your Tesla while on your ski vacation in the Alps this season, we have some good news for you.  Tesla has opened new locations in St. Moritz and Martigny to allow free and comfortable driving among the best ski resorts in Switzerland and Italy.

With the opening of two new locations Tesla Supercharger Supercharger has expanded its network in Switzerland at six locations. The first new Super Charger is on Route 27 in St. Moritz and enables Model S drivers direct access to the world renowned ski resort . The second Supercharger located on the motorway A9 Martigny and electrified the important route between Geneva and winter activities in Verbier , as well as the fashion capital of Milan.

Tesla Supercharger Network in Switzerland Keeps Growing

The new Supercharger in St. Moritz is located inside the Serletta carpark.

The new Model S Supercharger allow drivers from the Netherlands, Holland and Germany free travel to their favorite destinations in Switzerland. Last week, Tesla ┬ádemonstrated the growth of its fast-charging network and put the 100th Supercharger in operation in Europe – only three months after the opening of the 50th location. Supercharger routes allow free travel between major cities and major highways from Scandinavia to continental Europe over Germany in the Alps and the means more and connect Amsterdam with London , Paris , Berlin, Zurich and Geneva.

Tesla’s Supercharger network covers over 70 percent of the population of Western Europe and includes routes from northern Norway to southern France to Spain and Italy, as well as the UK. Superchargers are strategically located at motorway service stations , cafes and shopping centers stationed so that travelers can take a quick meal while their Model S charges . A Super Charger charges the batteries in about 20 minutes to half an hour and is for free for the lifetime of Model S vehicle.

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