WERPO in Discussions for Wave Energy Joint Venture in the Caribbean

WERPO wave energy device

(OTC BB: BBRD)  announced its partnership with . in the , with possible further expansion into regions in Latin America and South America. WERPO signed a partnership agreement with SEEDSOWERS, appointing Mr. Hugh V Jarvis, president/CEO of SEEDSOWERS, as WERPO’s local representative in these areas. Thus, WERPO plans to expand its reach in this region. WERPO has received  Letters of Interest from a few companies in the region. 

The Caribbean is a region prone to hurricanes.   This  reduces the potential for wind energy to be profitable due to potential damage to turbines. Solar farms could face some of the same weather obstacles in this region.  WERPO says they welcome extreme weather conditions  as they allow for a higher capacity of energy production from their wave energy system.  WERPO believes their system is unique in its durability and low maintenance costs, making it the best possible solution. However, in case the need arises, their system has several protection features in place in order to insure the safety of the various components.

SEEDSOWERS INVESTORS AND DEVELOPERS CO. Ltd is a trading company based in Antigua & Barbuda. They operate through partnerships with various contractors in a vast array of projects, including water supply and treatment, housing construction and development, energy and more. Mr. Hugh V Jarvis is president/CEO of SEEDSOWERS has been in close contact with WERPO’s representatives for the past several months and is now officially WERPO’s representative in the region. This partnership will rely on SEEDSOWERS connections with governments and local businesses to facilitate the implementation of  WERPO’s sea wave energy solution in the Caribbean, with the possibility of expanding further into regions in Latin and South America.

The future plans for proposed sea wave energy projects are meant to supply work to local entities and businesses, as well as supplying the region with a clean energy source in a relatively short period of time.


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