How Much Power Could the Brazil World Cup Have Generated With One of These Soccer Balls?

Clean Energy Soccer Ball ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world. The recent world cup in Brasil was watched by more viewers than any sporting event in history. The country spent millions of dollars and took years preparing for the event. ┬áIn most countries kids start to play soccer or football as it known almost as soon as they can walk.

In poor rural areas children and young adults play soccer in open fields and city lots alike. In many of these places there is very little access to electricity and many people have no real light to read or study after the sun goes down. So what if we could combine love of a sport such as soccer and the generation of clean electricity to provide light where it is needed.


This new modification the soccer ball stores energy as you play with it. The more you play the more energy you have stored. For sure now clean energy is fun.



Enjoy the videos.

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