Fuel Cells Market Exceeds $1.3 Billion in Worldwide Sales

Fuel Cell Demonstration Model
Demonstration model of a direct-methanol fuel cell. The actual fuel cell stack is the layered cube shape in the center of the image.

The market for fuel cells is growing, exceeding $1.3 billion in worldwide sales during 2013, according to a recently released report from the Technologies Office (FCTO). The 2014 “Business Case for Fuel Cells” report, written and compiled by Jennifer Gangi and Sandra Curtin of Breakthrough Technologies Institute (BTI) with support from FCTO, provides an overview of fuel cell installations at businesses and municipal buildings or facilities run by non-profit organizations or institutions. These include wastewater treatment plants, government buildings, universities, military bases, hospitals, and other sites.

The list of fuel cell customers is growing; fuel cells are attracting interest from a wide range of market sectors. Fuel cell users are saving money on fuel and labor costs, lowering emissions, and yielding substantial energy savings through increased efficiency and reliability. Many have now become repeat customers, purchasing additional, and in many cases larger, fuel cell systems for their facilities, or expanding into other uses such as material handling equipment or backup power. The companies, organizations, and state and local governments profiled in this reports are collectively saving millions of dollars in electricity costs while reducing carbon dioxide emissions by hundreds of thousands of metric tons per year.

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