Adding Sun Tracking to a Homemade Solar PV System

Homemade Solar PV System ( Solar Thermal Magazine )

It is very easy and inexpensive to purchase a solar PV module depending on the size of panel you want and what you intend to power with it. The harder thing to do is to install this panel in the perfect place so that you get the most advantage from the sun for your location and surroundings. A fixed location and mounting is not nearly as efficient as systems that moves the panel to keep the sun in the perfect place.

Here is a how to video that shows how easy it can be to build a home made tracking system using the bracket from an old satellite dish and a used electric dc motor.


By wiring the solar panels so that there is a left side and a right side you can control the motor so that it always moves to the side exposed to the most sunlight.

home made solar tracking

This example is done with small solar cells and a small motor but can be scaled up to what ever size you are using. In the video he moves the traker so that you can see it track back to the optimum position.

Enjoy the video.

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