Bio-Diesel Electric Hybrid Airplane In the Design Studio

Airplanes of the future will use very little old age fossil fuels and will rely on bio-fuels and electric drive systems.

Electric Hybrid Airplane ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – A new US/UK joint company has been created to design and build eco-friendly aircraft named the BEHA. The company is Faradair and they are working on a proof of concept for a bio-diesel electric hybrid plane. They are listed in Kickstarter with a campaign and are looking for the right people to join them.Here is what they say about the new plane.

Our focus for the next 12 months is on Research and Development, and our specific goal is to complete the specifications and the fabrication of prototype parts that will be ready to install in the prototype aircraft.


Key Features:

  • The aircraft will utilise twin electric fan motors delivering 200hp (horsepower) each, in combination with a 200hp bio-diesel generator that incorporates a pusher propeller protected within a duct to reduce noise and to increase safety.
  • This aircraft will take off and land under electric power with the bio-diesel engine used in-flight to recharge the batteries and to provide increased cross country performance.
  • The aircraft will employ solar skin panels and wind turbine technology for energy recovery.
  • BEHA will provide a level of safety features including; ballistic parachute recovery fail-safe systems and a fuselage crash protection structure more commonly found in top level race cars.
  • The interior will have a sports car feel.
  • The Triple Box-Wing design is predicted to generate an exceptional amount of lift while reducing wing turbulence.

Enjoy the video.

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