Retired Engineers from University of Toronto Help to Power Small Town in Guatamala

University of Toronto

University of Toronto ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – In 2006 a small team of retired civil engineers from the University of Toronto set it sights on helping people in Guatemala have access to energy and lighting. In some rural towns people do not have electricity and must travel long distances to charge their cell phones if they have them.

Access to clean cheap electricity can dramatically change a person and families quality of life.

These engineers as part of the Light the Village project ( a joint effort of Light Up the World and the IMDI ), trained 9 local villages as solar technicians and during the first round of projects they installed over 50 solar pv systems providing power for lights and communication to over 450 people. The team chose the town of Tudos Santos Cuchumoten which is home to 32,000 residents to launch their Guatemala effort.

university of toronto

Solar projects like these unlike ones that provide gasoline or diesel generators which need to be constantly filled with fuel ( the cost of which is expensive and increasing in cost every year),  solar energy once installed is free every year.

university of toronto

Enjoy the video and visit the site for Light Up The World. We will post more about this effort in the coming weeks.

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