India’s Residential Rooftop Solar Power Installations Led by Tata Power Solar

Residential Rooftop Solar Power
Solar rooftops have the potential to revolutionize India’s solar scene

’s Residential Power ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) –  Tata Power Solar, India’s largest integrated solar player, emerged as a leader in the industrial and commercial rooftop segment, in the recently released India Solar Rooftop Map 2015 by Bridge To India, a leading cleantech consulting firm.

Tata Power Solar also ranked #2 under the residential rooftop space, in the Solar Rooftop Map 2015.

Commenting on the map, Dr. Tobias Engelmeier, Founder & Director, Bridge To India, said,

We are extremely happy to present the first ever solar rooftop map in the region. The potential and benefits of the solar rooftop segment in India are huge and the market is just getting started. In line with our earlier findings, we see that Tata Power Solar is building a very strong position in the EPC market.

For more details on the map, click here.

As per industry reports, the realizable potential in India for solar generated from residential rooftops will be 35 GW by 2024; correspondingly for industrial and commercial rooftops the realizable potential in the next ten years is up to 41 GW.  These projections clearly indicate the growing importance and opportunity that the solar rooftop segment presents in the Indian context.

In this inaugural edition of the solar rooftop map for 2015, Tata Power Solar stands out as the market leader in industrial and commercial rooftop with a 15% market share and considerable lead over the rest of the players. Additionally in the residential rooftop segment, Tata Power Solar has been ranked #2 for cumulative residential rooftop projects with a market share of over 12%.

Commenting on the findings, Dr. Arul Shanmugasundram, EVP Projects and CTO, Tata Power Solar, said,

Solar rooftops have the potential to revolutionize India’s solar scene. Over the last few years we have aggressively focused on this space, having installed more than 40 MW of rooftop and distributed generation projects. It is great to see an industry-wide effort in recognizing and mapping this space, and we are pleased to be acknowledged for our efforts.

In the solar rooftop space, Tata Power Solar has completed several prestigious projects, including commissioning of the largest rooftop solar plant in South India of 2 MW for Murugan Textiles – the largest power loom producer in India. Additionally, the company commissioned 3 MW of solar rooftop projects in Gujarat.

These included a 1.2 MW plant for Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), a 750 kW plant for Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) and 1.1 MW for corporates, engineering companies, pharmaceutical units, commercial complexes and the food industry.


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  • R.K.Upadhyaya says:

    Would like to know the installation cost per Kw of solar power rooftop project .

  • Rooftop mounted systems are small compared to ground-mounted photovoltaic power stations with capacities in the megawatt range. Rooftop PV systems on residential buildings typically feature a capacity of about 5 to 20 kilowatts, while those mounted on commercial buildings often reach 100 kilowatts or more.

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