Florida Utility Extends Home Solar Thermal Hot Water and Solar PV Electric Rebates

florida power and light solar hot water rebate program
Solar hot water program in florida

Florida Home Solar Thermal Hot Water – ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – Electric utility, Florida Power and Light or FPL for short has announced that they will continue to offer incentives to Florida residents to install solar thermal hot water systems and/or solar pv electric generation systems. Florida has tremendous solar energy capacity with between 221 to 266 days of sunshine a year depending on where you live. 

Florida experiences an average annual solar incidence of about 5000 watts per square meter ( *1)


According to FPL, a solar water heater can cut a family’s water-heating costs by up to 85 percent and solar pv power systems have been installed for more than 1000 of their customers. For 2014 and now also for 2015 the company offer the following rebates:

For Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems – $1,000 for every new residential solar water heater. The rebate is available to all existing FPL residential customers with electric or gas water heating.

For Solar PV Electric Systems –  $2 for every watt of DC output, up to $20,000. The rebate is available to all existing customers.




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