Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Tower Technology Goes into Top Gear

Concentrated Technology ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – Normally the three some from spends most of their time in an almost comedic review of gas guzzling cars that are so expensive that only the very or super rich can afford them. The team sometimes review a hybrid or electric car but it is probably their producers that make them do it.

James May, then is perhaps the maverick from this group deciding to do a solo review outside of the Top Gear venue of a concentrated solar thermal power tower project in Spain.

The tower uses over 600 heliostat or computer controlled mirror surface each with 198 individual mirror comprising the reflective surface. Spain was one of the first countries to give this technology a serious try and invest in a possible clean solar energy prospect that may be able to change the world as we know it.


Since this project was brought on line there have been others around the world and there are more planned. The designs are taking some bad press at the moment as wind turbines did in the early days regarding the impact of wild life such as birds that fly into the focus of the sun beam. Off course we have to consider the wild life impact that keeping the alternative to this technology will have from nuclear, coal and natural gas generation exploration and mining.

It is great to see a celebrity such as James May, using his fame to promote clean solar energy technology and help us bring attention to the clean power projects that will change our fossil fuel future.

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