Conservative Pro-Solar Group Launches in Colorado

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Solar energy has finally become a bipartisan issue in the U.S.   A Conservative pro-solar organization (Tell Utilities Solar Won’t be Killed) has launched organizing, fundraising, and education campaigns in Colorado in response to government-regulated monopoly utility Xcel’s attacks on rooftop solar.  Xcel wants to damage the state’s rooftop solar industry and deny Coloradans the right to generate their own electricity. TUSK’s Chairman is former US Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr.

“This war on energy choice has been moving state to state as utilities try – and fail – to drive solar competitors out of business,” said Goldwater. “Utilities like Xcel are launching these attacks in red and purple states because they think Republicans are so backwards they can’t see the benefits of solar. They are wrong. Conservatives stand for competition, and it is high time these utility companies understand that.”

Contrary to what Gordon Gekko from the movie ‘Wall Street’ once said, greed is not good, and it’s certainly not good for Xcel Energy’sColorado customers.

Colorado has become a heated battleground where monopolist utility Xcel is trying to end energy choice and competition by attacking rooftop solar. Utilities like Xcel have failed to stifle rooftop solar in Arizona, Oklahoma, Idaho, Utah and countless other states. TUSK (Tell Utilities Solar Won’t be Killed) is active in states across the country and is now working to ensure utilities won’t kill competition inColorado.

Xcel wants to gut a policy called net metering.  Net metering gives solar customers fair credit for the valuable surplus energy they provide to the grid.  Xcel turns around and sells that power at the full retail rate. Xcel is asking regulators to change the rules so that it can just confiscate the rooftop solar surplus and sell it for a profit. The infamous movie character Gordon Gekko from the film ‘Wall Street’ would applaud Xcel’s scheme to rake in excess profits. People paying utility bills feel otherwise.

Net metering gives Coloradans a choice over where they get their electricity, and Xcel doesn’t like it because it’s their first real taste of competition.

About Tell Utilities Solar won’t be Killed (TUSK)
TUSK was formed to stand for energy choice and energy independence and has been taking on utilities when those monopolies start acting like Gordon Gekko. TUSK’s Chairman is former US Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. To learn more about T.U.S.K. visit T.U.S.K. believes that rooftop solar is similar to a charter school—it provides a competitive alternative to the monopoly. Monopoly utilities aren’t known for reducing costs or for driving business innovation, but the solar industry is. Solar companies have a track record of aggressive cost reduction. The more people use rooftop solar, the less power they need to buy from the utilities. Energy independence means smaller profits for the utilities, so they are doing everything they can to stop the spread of independent solar.

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