A Home Made Solar Thermal Collector for Free Hot Water

Home Made Solar Thermal Collector ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – We have featured diy solar thermal collector designs on this site before. Saving money by using the sun to heat your pool or house water instead of using grid electricity is something we believe is a beautiful thing so here is another really great design and build video.

This homemade solar thermal collector is very durable, made from copper and wood and will look great pointed towards the sun in your backyard or on your roof.


This how-to video starts at the beginning and walks you through a completed functioning solar thermal collector.

The finished product looks like this.

About Gordon Smith
Gordon's expertise in the area of industrial energy efficiency and alternative energy. He is an experienced electrical engineer with a Masters degree in Alternative Energy technology. He is the co-founder of several renewable energy media sites including Solar Thermal Magazine.


  • Adam Ash says:

    ‘Free’ hot water.

    Kinda sad, really. All this bit of nonsense requires is the full resources of the global mining/industrial complex, persistence of the web of global trade and ongoing exploitation of non-renewable resources.

    For what? For a bit of hot water for somebody to wash their face?

    For most people hot water is what they find around their bare feet in puddles in the sun after the rain has stopped.

  • s says:

    Says the guy typing away on his computer or smartphone….

  • Alyosha says:

    People are gonna want hot water. Why not be at the end of the energy consumption chain instead of a continuing user like the rest of the neighborhood?

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