A New Concentrated Solar Thermal Concept from Switzerland

Concentrated Solar Thermal Concept from Switzerland

Concentrated Solar Thermal Concept from Switzerland ( Solar Thermal Magazine)

The country that brought us the largest solar power boat and the most fantastic solar powered airplane we know as the Solar Impulse has a another solar idea. What if we designed a solar thermal energy collector that floats on the oceans of the world and produces clean energy for us all?

The solar island concept uses what is essentially parabolic solar thermal collectors to heat water that is pumped under the sea to a steam generator located on land.

There is a land based concept as well that hovers on a bed of water allowing the island to rotate to keep the most efficient angle to the sun as the seasons change and the day moves to night. The advantage of using heated water or fluid is that it can be stored using technologies such as molten salt or others being developed to allow clean electricity to be produced when the sun doesn’t shine.


Enjoy the video and we would love to hear your comments on why this concept has not yet been turned into a working prototype.


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