Enjoying WoodStock with a Solar Power Equipped Tent

Solar Power Equipped Tent

Solar Power Equipped Tent ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – So you are camping by the lake hoping to get away from it all with your friends or family but off course you brought along some or all of you electronic devices such as ipad,smart phone and maybe your portable stereo. To cook your fish you either use the fire or some kind of portable gas stove. What if your tent could not only charge your electronics but also run your electric cooker?

This invention named the Orange Tent produces clean energy when the sun is shining to do just that.

The Orange tent has 3 sliding thin film solar pv panels that catch the suns rays and block heat into the tent itself. There is a power bar in the tent that you can tap into for clean free power. You can see in one of the pictures and the video that at night the tent glows orange which is pretty cool but for sure is using up your stored energy.


The video shows the tent being used a music concert maybe like a modern day Woodstock where everyone sleeps over. I wonder what Woodstock would have been like if this technology was available?

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