Solar PV Technology That Adds to the Appearance and Generates Clean Electricity

Technology  ( Solar Thermal Magazine ) – As technology matures, it is moving from a purely functional design to more of an architectural blending or even artistic appearance. Building Integrated or BIPV for short is fast becoming a consumer choice over the ugly black panels that detract from the appearance of homes and businesses.

Another important consideration for ground mounted solar pv systems is the support structure itself and the presentation of the solar pv panel to the sun at the most appropriate angles.

One company in the United States has taken the ground mounted design for solar pv technology to a new level. In order to entice cities and corporations into using ground mounted solar it is much easier if the overall appearance and design is exciting and appealing.


The Georgia based company Spotlight Solar has several new designs available in four descriptive categories which are Lift,Curve, Industry and Trestle. Once blended into a building or outdoor space it gives an impression all of its own.


We have included some of our favorite pictures of the their products and a link to the how to buy one page. Click here 


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