Is this Stephen Hawking Describing His Homemade Sun Tracking Concentrating Solar Thermal Hot Tub Heater?

Homemade Sun Tracking Concentrating Solar Thermal

Homemade Concentrating Solar Thermal ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – Not that you need to be a science fiction buff or what is referred to as a Nerd ( this is a compliment to us by the way) in order to build yourself a solar thermal collector system to heat your outdoor hot tube for free, but it probably helps. That is the case in this video which is instructional with references to what components he used, where he purchased them and where he found the original design instructions.

The sun tracker uses as a sensor the top from one of those cheap garden solar lights that everyone uses these days shielded in a way to only look for maximum sunlight.

There is also a sensor that is covered with a glass bottle to keep the rain off that looks for clouds and adjusts for sunshine. The solar tracking system programmed by the video author moves the home made solar collectors to the best spot for collecting sunlight. An idea he kept from his childhood of burning plastic army figures with a magnifying glass on a sunny day. The whole video is a little tongue in cheek with plenty of Scifi references and video inserts. The sound of his voice is not his own but sounds computer generated.

It is also as if Stephen Hawking is narrating the whole adventure through time and space.

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