Hyderabad Theater the First Solar Powered Movie House in India

Solar Powered Movie House in India

Solar Powered Movie House in ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – A favorite pass time around the world it seems is taking your family or friends to the theater to watch a movie, eat snacks and relax for an 90 minutes or so. Typically this activity how ever uses much more energy than just staying at home and watching it on Netflixs or streaming from some other source.

Now in India one theater or movie house has taken a different approach to their energy and CO2 footprint. This company has installed a large solar PV array to power their building, light, air and off course the movie projector system. This is they claim the first green theater in India and the first to use such a large solar array.

The Prasad Imax’ theatre in Hyderabad claims to be the first theatre in the country to use solar energy for running a cinema hall.

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