Creating a New Model of Energy Will be Discussed During the Future Energy Forum in Astana, Kazakhstan

Future Energy Forum

It is one of the key thematic events organized by the National Company “Astana EXPO-2017” on the eve of the international specialized exhibition EXPO in Astana.

The two-day forum will be a platform for the development of research projects on the topic of EXPO-2017’s “Future Energy” and its sub-themes: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the introduction of energy-efficient technologies and the provision of universal access to sustainable energy.

A key forum goal is the preparation of strategic content for EXPO-2017, starting with the wide and continuous international dialogue about the subject of Future Energy.

“We all know that today, the problems associated with the ‘energy of the future’ cannot be solved by any country or any organization alone. In this regard, the participation of citizens and civil society is essential. We need international cooperation and resources, we need the support of civil society to help make the changes that need to occur on a daily basis. Ideas and promises that are discussed in the forum today will help to ensure that the upcoming exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana will be an outstanding event for the future of mankind,” said the Secretary-General of the International Exhibitions Bureau, Vicente Loscertales, in his speech.

The forum has been attended by more than 500 leading experts in the energy industry, academics, leaders of public and non-governmental organizations, and representatives of the public sector. They will discuss the issues of climate change, environmental and energy security, and investment in projects to reduce the absorption and emission of waste disposal. The participants will be actively involved in analytical, research and information sharing activities during the sessions. The results will be shown at the Future Energy forum which will be held within the framework of EXPO 2017.

Attendees of the event will also present the best practices of international programs, including the UN initiative “Sustainable Energy for All”.

One of the objectives of the forum is to consider integrating the Future Energy subject with related programs of international organizations, such as: the Technology Mechanism of the UNFCCC, the Covenant of Mayors (EU), the Knowledge Network of “UN-Energy”, the Strategic Climate Fund and others.

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