Does Snow Impact Solar PV or Solar Thermal Hot Water Collector Tubes?

Solar PV or Solar Thermal Hot Water Collector Tubes

Solar PV or Solar Thermal Hot Water Collector Tubes ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – If you live in the North or the far south like say the Antarctic you may worry that investing in solar panels will be money down the drain when the snow starts to fly. The answer is that is that snow and or solar thermal collector tubes do not mix well.

The more snow your have the less sunlight makes it through to the panel or tube and consequently the less electricity you generate. Not what you want during a snow storm where maybe you have lost the main line power due to down lines somewhere.

The house is this video has a very nice selection of solar panels set at angles ranging from 15 to 35 degrees with various exposures. There is also a nice solar thermal hot water collector system installed. Very nice, but it is located in a snowy area, so what to do.

Here is how this home owner deals with it.

Enjoy the video.


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