Time Lapse Video Shows Construction of a Huge Solar Thermal Parabolic Trough Plant

Solar Thermal Parabolic Trough Plant

( Solar Thermal Magazine) – In 2013, began commercial operation of Solana, what the company claimed at the time was the world’s largest solar thermal parabolic trough plant. The Solana site has an installed capacity of 280 MW and a thermal storage system that produces electricity without sunlight for six hours at full capacity. It;s power output is the equivalent of a 70,000 households and prevented 475,000 t. of CO2 emissions per year.

CEO of Abengoa Solar stated

Solana is the first large scale CSP plant for Abengoa Solar in the U.S. and will be a key milestone for our development in this country as it allows us to strengthen our relationships with the local community as well as with the state and federal public authorities that have contributed notably to this project.

In this fast time lapse video showing the construction of the Solana site from start to finish you will have a very good idea of a what a large solar thermal parabolic trough energy generation site looks like.

Enjoy the video

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