Installing a Solar PV Array and Support Structure Mounting

Installing a Solar PV Array

Installing a Solar PV Array ( Solar Thermal Magazine) – One of the most important things when installing any type of solar pv system or even solar thermal energy system is the support structure and brackets. The completed solar pv array needs not only to able to function today, but hopefully also 10 years from now after being exposed to snow, rain and off course sunshine.

You can buy solar panels from many different suppliers around the world but the fact remains that if you tie them to a donkey or nail them to a tree you will not have solar power for very long. By the way I really do not agree with using animals for support structures in any way. Hopefully this makes my point about the importance of a well designed and professionally installed support for any solar PV array.

In this video, you will watch professional installers tackle a large solar pv  array project from start to finish in Austria.

This is a great video to watch for anyone considering installing their own ground or even roof based solar pv system or someone who wants to learn to be a professional installer.


Enjoy the video.

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