NTE Hybrid Secures Additional International Patents

NTE Hybrid

was awarded its fourth international patent for its proprietary hybrid renewable energy technology from the Mexican Patent Office. The fourth, and most recent, adds to NTE’s list of previously secured international patents from Canada, Japan, and South Korea. All international patents have been issued within the last year.

NTE Hybrid’s proprietary renewable energy technology integrates steam from a renewable biomass fuel source with steam from conventional electric technologies to create efficient hybrid power generation facilities. The combination of steam outputs in this integrated system provides significant operational and cost benefits versus that of a stand-alone power generation facility. NTE Hybrid technologies allow for displacement of conventional steam sources that will provide clean, renewable, and cost-efficient energy to global consumers.

The issuance of these international patents recognizes NTE Hybrid’s unique technologies and the broad international application of the technologies to a wide variety of conventional and renewable thermal generating facilities. The application of this technology provides significant operating and capital cost savings to ensure the generation of hybrid renewable energy results in both environmental and economic benefits to customers throughout the world.

“Our hybrid technology represents the promise of providing renewable energy in a cost competitive form throughout the world,” said Seth Shortlidge, CEO of NTE Hybrid. “Securing these latest patents confirms our continued progress in the development and global applicability of our hybrid renewable technology.”

In addition to the four international patents, NTE Hybrid secured three patents issued by the United States Patent & Trademark Office between 2012 and 2013. The company has additional international patents pending in countries located in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. NTE Hybrid is also finalizing patent filings for its hybrid feedwater heating application, a variation of the original application to be used at solid fuel generation facilities, in numerous countries in Asia and Europe.

About NTE Hybrid

NTE Hybrid is a joint venture between Energy Investor Funds, United States Power Fund III and NTE Energy and has developed and patented hybrid technology that integrates proven combustion and steam generating technologies into a single, efficient, hybrid renewable power generation facility. NTE Hybrid’s renewable process integrates two proven technologies – biomass combustion and fossil-fuel thermal generation – into a single efficient hybrid cycle. This hybrid cycle provides significant capital and operational savings through the use of common major equipment and systems, and provides significant energy efficiency improvements versus stand-alone renewable generation.

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