Building Integrated Solar Photovoltaics Could Revolutionize the Design World

( Solar Thermal Magazine) Green building offers a fresh perspective on the environmental challenges that cities face, along with the opportunities and barriers to going green and fostering economic growth. With the use of natural resources and technology, the green building industry is constantly creating new products or upgrading existing ones, all in an effort to further the call for environmental protection.

One such product is the  Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Thin-film, which is a solar panel like no other. Created with the ability to be installed just about anywhere one can think of, this new innovation is bound to encourage anyone to go green.

NexPower Technology Corporation in Taichung City, Taiwan,has introduced  multifunctional building integrated solar photovoltaic (BIPV) solutions that allow for the entry of natural light, provide thermal insulation, filter out harmful radiation, and produce clean, free energy thanks to the power from the sun. Their products also feature various innovative and customized designs which can be integrated into buildings.

The product could be placed on the ground, on rooftops, on the outside of buildings or even replace the windows in cars. Although lighter, they generate more energy from the sun efficiently and can withstand most natural disasters, including typhoons.

NexPower claims this product has the ability to draw more energy than regular solar panels. The so called solar thin film module’s high absorption capability allows for it to draw maximum energy even in weak sunlight, perfect for off grid markets and in warm regions.

The products also enjoy aesthetical appealing and provides the ability to embed photos, drawings, paintings, and even LED lights placed on the inside for a more fashionable look on the outside.


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